One Campaign’s attempt to change the political landscape of this country as we know it.

The Premise

Representation at the federal level of government has seemed to fade from public service for the people to big business for private interests.

Whether you’re talking about campaign finances, lobbying, earmarks on bills, etc. greed and power have replaced freedom and liberty as the underlying principles in which our federal government operates.

Does a two party system perpetuate this problem? It certainly produces one of the biggest problems of the current political landscape, “identity politics”. How useful is a conversation where one side is trying to prove the other side wrong? The results are two parties that stay in power and not very much changes. Perhaps there is a better way.

The Purpose

The Peoples Party is purposed to reform the federal governmental systems, not by pushing an agenda. It rather supports candidates that…

possess positive characteristics necessary for leadership at this level of representation. Let the principled people represent those who elected them to office, not the platform of a political party.

Most topics to Americans are not black or white. The answers can be found in grey areas, where most people live. The current colors represented in politics are Red and Blue but maybe we need Purple. Instead of a conversation about this or that, the other idea is introduced. This other idea adds the complexity necessary to turn a conversation with two sides fighting, into a meaningful discussion about the topic.

The Play

As individuals we cannot create a viable third party to compete with the two dominant partisan coalitions that run the federal government.

(The process would take years to create a viable third party but that will never happen without the people coming together demonstrating their desire for a change.) Yet as long as there has been organized governing bodies there have existed notions as to what responsibilities a person play in that organization. We all have a part to play. And the best part to play comes from what interests you.

One part may be to travel by foot across the country, from Key West to San Diego, covering 30-40 miles a day, loosely portraying a fictional character from a motion picture. Can the idea of a Simple, Honest, Caring, Fictional Individual, coupled with the action of imitating his run across America, capture the attention of a polarized country, and cause them to ask the all familiar question, “is there something better out there for us?”.

That’s the play of Gump ’24. We hope you’re aware, we hope you’re inspired, we hope you’re imagining something better, and we hope that you will join us in this journey. The power that We The People possess is not derived from money. The power is us. What’s your play?

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