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If it’s not obvious that we’re serious about change but spirited in our approach, read our frequently asked questions.

Can Forest Gump run for president in 2024? Probably not! Due to the fictitious nature of the movie character and the lack of necessary requirements, Gump and the People’s Party will not likely be on the ballot. This won’t stop us from running! On the campaign trail we’ll be spreading the good news that a brighter future is possible!

The campaign trail is southerly and will lead through some battleground states. Starting from Key West, on the new year, the route will proceed to the National Scenic Florida Trail, and then loosely follow Adventure Cycling Association’s Southern Tier. We’ll be looking for opportunities to field questions or host events at every turn.

While it’s a sincere question, our playful response has become, “Well we’ll be traveling at about 5mph, 30-40 miles a day, starting January 1st, from Key West to San Diego. You can meet us at the Southernmost Point.”.

The direct effect of that question is a few people doing the work and the mass of people observing it. This will lead to exactly no change. This is the way the federal government currently operates in Washington D.C. A few people make the rules and we all follow them. We want to change that. We want you to get involved. So we’ve created some opportunities for you to do so. Check out Your Part for more information.

There are many good causes to donate your resources to. We place a high value on our supporters time and energy. The first application of funds that are raised will go to operational costs of the run. Any additional funds will be applied directly to community engagement events to benefit our supporters.